About Us

Our Purpose


The purpose of the Old Varieties Canary Association is to promote the breeding and exhibition of the following breeds (types) of canary: Parisian Frill, Northern Frill,Southern Frill, Scot Fancy, Lancashire, Lizard, Belgian Fancy, Padovan Frill, Crest Bred, Fiorino Frill, Gibber Italicus Frill, Old Crested, Giboso Espanol, Red Frill, Swiss Frill.

Benefits of Membership


The Association provides members with current information about new breeding stock, opportunities to participate in shows & exhibits, and a network for connecting with other Old Varieties Canary breeders. Association meetings are held annually, in November, in conjunction with the National Cage Bird Show. Membership also includes access to the Association's newsletter and identification leg bands for use in breeding programs.




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or contact our membership secretary at vickiovca@gmail.com.