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Interested in becoming a member of the Old Varieties Canary Association or becoming an OVCA Judge?


Membership dues: 
Single membership is $20.00
Dual membership is $25.00

Partnership Aviary $40.00


Members in good standing enjoy access to:


- OVCA's newsletter: published quarterly

- Networking opportunities: breeder/member contact information        available, local and national shows

- Numbered leg bands: Numbered leg bands are available in three sizes,    mini, normal, and large. Bands are sold for 40 cents per band plus $6.00 for  postage and handling.

- Award rosettes: Award rosettes are available for local clubs.


OVCA Judging Applications:


Written request of application for approval to the list of OVCA Judges may be made by a member in good standing. The application is reviewed by the Judges Committee. Once approved, the member must keep his or her membership dues current to remain on the list.


Click here for a Membership Application!  For more information you can

contact our membership secretary Vicki Pickel!  

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