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Belgian Fancy


The Belgian Canary is by far the most important of all the Old Continental breeds not only for its own sake but also for the influence it had upon the development of some English breeds, notably the Yorkshire and the Scot Fancy.  Its origins were in the old Dutch canary of the eighteenth century which gave rise to the various “frilled” and “posture” breeds that we have today.


The Belgian Canary has a small, neat ahead and a long, slender neck which is capable of being such extended when in full pose. The body is long and tapering but is fairly deep though from shoulder to chest. The back is quite straight and the wings are long and compact, being carried close to the body. The tail is long and narrow with the feathers tightly folded, the legs are long and straight and tend to show quite a length of thigh which should be well covered with feathers. The greatest feature that distinguishes the Belgian its high prominent shoulders which give rise to the breed’s continental name of “Bossu Belge” (French, “Belgisch Bult” (Flemish) which means Belgian Humpback


Although very few birds of this breed presently being kept in this country, there are fanciers interested in reintroducing this famous old variety to our show benches once again.


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