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Northern Frill

This breed is often taken for a smaller version of the Parisian Frill, and further difficulties arise from the fact that the two breeds have frequently been crossed so that many birds intermediate in character are in existence. This should not be so for the Northern Dutch Frill has several features which differ in detail from those of the Parisian. It is a much smaller bird of about 17 centimeters in length and is much less densely feathered. Too heavy frilling is a fault and greater importance should be attached to the regularity and the symmetry of the frills. It has a small, neat head without any curled feathers and a neck clearly visible and again free from frilling. The mantle is neat and nicely proportioned and without the additional tufting extending down to the rump as in the Parisian. In position it is less erect than the Southern Dutch Frill but nevertheless stands well up with the legs not too bent.


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