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Padovan Frill

Standard Description of the Padovan Canary


Head/Neck and CollarCrest: well shaped, symmetrical, with a small central point.


Crest feathers partly conceal beak and eyes.

Sligthly raised feathers at the nape of the neck are allowed.Plainhead: round and broad with heavy eyebrows.


Neck is smooth-feathered, showing a full collar around the base.

PlumageSilky and abundant.Size18 - 19 cm.PositionErect (65º), with poise and majestic appearance.



With an abundance of rising frills, forming a voluminous jabot.

The separation between the jabot and the abdomen to show only very light frilling.



Voluminous and symmetrical, falling evenly over the shoulders with a central parting andcovering two thirds of the back.



Voluminous and symmetrical, rising well round the wings.WingsLong and close fitting to the body


Legs and Feet

Strong, with well feathered thighs.



must not be corkscrew-likeTailLong and wide, with cock feathers.General ConditionWell used to the cage, clean and healthy. All colours are allowed variegated included.



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