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Italian Giant Frill


The Italian Giant Frill is a giant of the varieties of the canary.  The head is rounded and very voluminous, in the shape of a hood that can be full or partial.  The head derives its shape from the very important and typical characteristic of the A.G.I. known as the "raised collar".  Along the front, the "raised collar" blends neatly with the feathers of the neck and shaped in the form of a gutter.  The feathers of the neck project upwards to form from behind, around the area of the nape, the "raised collar". The beak is conical and a wide base.  It is from 21 centimeters long with a proportionate type, from the tip of the beak to the extremity of the tail, and has a wingspan of 29 to 30 centimeters.  Long and even, carried close to the body.  Slight Crossing of the tips of the wings is allowed. Sturdy legs and feet, with strong grip on the perch. Corkscrew-like nails. It is a well-built bird, robust and vigorous, prolific and a good singer like the common canary.  It is distinguished by several special characteristics which form its show properties.  These are:  1.  Type.  2. Feathering  3.  Elegance.


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