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Crest Bred


The Crested Canary still has a specialist society of its own to cater for its needs because it is one of the oldest, as well as one of the most famous of English breeds. The principal feature of this variety is of course its crest but, as with other crested breeds, there are also plain headed individuals, known as Crest-bred, which form an integral part of the breed as a whole and are essential to the correct breeding procedure. 

The Crested Canary is a largish bird with a profusion of feathering on head and body.  It has a massive head, a short, thick neck and a broad, deep body, fairly low across the perch and with legs set well back.  The crest itself can never be too large and round and it consists of broad, leafy feathers which radiate evenly all round from a small, neat centre and droop well down over the beak and eyes.


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