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Scots Fancy


The Scot Fancy is one of the old-time “Birds of Position” with a special posture to show off its points to advantage.  It is a bird of fair length with a tapering body curved in the form of a half-circle from head t tail.   It has a nicely circled back forming the outside, or convex, segment and the front is well cut out in a clean concave arc.  The head is small, neat and somewhat snaky in appearance, being a shade flat on the crown, and the neck is long, thin, nicely tapered and reaches well out when the bird is in full pose.  At this stage it should not be below horizontal.  The shoulders are high, narrow and nicely filled in without any suggestion of a “gutter” running between them and down the back.  The tail is long, narrow and closely folded and sweeps well under the perch in a continuation of a curve from shoulders and back.


The Scot Fancy should have a bold, free and jaunty carriage with long, supple legs giving it plenty of life and action in moving from perch to perch.  In position it should be well raised up forming a high circle and should not crouch or lean across the perch...  Past developments tended to produce a bird with an abundance of loose feather, especially in the front, but the endeavor nowadays should be to breed a bird of good feather quality with a cleanly cut outline above and below.


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