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Show Cages and Drinkers







This cage is of similar pattern to the Lancashire show cage, also having a flat top, but is smaller in size. It is neater and lighter than the old clumsy dome-shaped cage that was in use many years ago and shows the bird off equally well.

The entire top portion is of wire, the base being of wood, and is painted or enameled black both inside and out.

The drinker is of the normal hook-on type, either in metal or plastic and is also painted black.

The perches are the plain oval type as used in Yorkshire show cages. The type of floor covering is optional, but should NOT be oat husks. (See note on the Scotch Fancy Show Cage.)












This breed is exhibited in an open wire cage of somewhat similar design to that of the Border, though slightly larger in dimensions (See separate leaflet).  As a temporary measure it is permissible for members to exhibit their birds in standard Border Fancy show cages.

The Scotch Fancy needs a fair amount of show cage training for successful exhibition. In position it should stand erect, with the head carried well forward and forming with the back and tail, which should be well curved under the perch, one continuous arc.  In action it should move freely and effortlessly from perch to perch displaying a certain jauntiness and elegance but without destroying the essential outline of its contours.











This cage is similar to the Yorkshire show cage but is much squarer and larger to allow for the size of the bird for which it is intended.  It also has a flat top instead of an arched one.

            In former times these cages had four wooden legs 4 inches long which made a total height of 18 inches.  It was maintained by many of the older breeders that the “legged” cage gave the bird a more commanding appearance and showed it off to greater perfection.  Be that as it may, these legs were a source of expense to exhibitors who sent their birds by rail to the shows owing to the larger cases required to pack them in.  To relieve this unnecessary expense the Lancashire and Lizard Fanciers’ Association decided to do away with the legs and adopt the cage as illustrated.  The old Lancashire Canary Association also approved of the same cage.

            These cages are enameled or painted black both inside and out, although in the old models the wooden frame round the bottom was often made of mahogany, either varnished or French polished, and looked very attractive.  It is however much better to have all show cages for any one variety of a uniform size and color and so the OVCA has laid down that all Lancashire show cages shall be in black.

            The drinker is of the hook-on type, either of metal or plastic, and is also painted black.  The three wooden perches are of the plain oval type.

            At the Annual General Meeting of the OVCA in December 1976 it was decided that the material used as floor covering for the cage should be left to the discretion of the individual exhibitor except that oat husks, as used by Border Fancy exhibitors, should NOT be used owing to the mess they make and to the fact that the seed supply often becomes buried by the husks.










OVCA approved having the white 2.3 ounce drinker.  Please be sure to use this drinker this next year at the National on your Old Variety Show cages  It is 3 1/2" tall. 

It is placed on the 2nd wire space to the right of the left corner cage post. The OVCA started and approved this drinker in 1992. It is our rule and practice, not the norm everywhere else. It is done for the benefit of the birds overall health while being shown.


The drinkers that all of us have used in the past do not hold enough water and some birds have paid with their lives.  I have put at the end of this page, a bird supply company that keeps them in stock.  I'm sure there are other bird supply companies that carry them, as well.  


Finch Connection is one of our show sponsors and will have a booth at the show for drinker orders.

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